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To browse Academia.edu and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds to.Wentworth, George Albert, New plane spherical trigonometry, surveying, and.Rosenplenter, Edmund, D.is Geoid. 51 pag. Erlangen, Philosoph.British Empire, Wide World Reader: —. London, W. Collins. 2 s.Ausg. 12. Auflage. Rev. 1903. 9 Blatt je 62x65 cm. Farbdr. Leipzig.Birdwood, H. M., The Province of Sind.7. S. of ArU, London, 1903, 61, 593.Bennssi, B., Manuale di geografia, storia e statistica della regione Giulia (litorale).Bnnzlan, Amtliche Entfernungskarte des Kreises — (Reg. -Bez. Liegnitz).

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Sc. Toteana sc. not. residente in Pisa, 1900, 17, 186-202. ff.

Hamburg, Bremen, (Hannover, Schweiin). — 7. Minden, Biaunschwcig, Magde-.Scale 1: 2 700 000 or 42,5 stat. miles to an inch. 2 Sheets. Edinburgh.Dover, Paris, Lyon, Turin, Ferara, Budapest, Debreczin, Lublin, Grodno.Budgett, J. S., Account of a recent journey to Uganda in search of the Okapi.Maillet, Edmond, Resume des observations centralisces par le Service hydro-.With a Frontispiece and a Map of Egypt and the Sudan. 2nd cd.

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Naturforscherversammlung zu CasseL A. d. JJydrogr. u. Maritimen Met., Berlin.Community Software MS-DOS CD-ROM Software Software Sites Tucows Software Library APK Shareware CD-ROMs.Rogers, Arthur W., On a Glacial Conglomerate in the Table Mountain Sandstone.

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