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For me, it is like opening and allowing ones to state and express opinion and also cater the students on the higher order thinking skills, which they can utilize in future.What kind of problems are faced by school teachers in. together and discuss frequently faced challenges or share. are faced in teaching at primary.I think students should be given more exposure on the life of Shakespeare.Another challenge in teaching the students would be introducing the name of places and characters in the story which was totally not English and Malay. (99% of the students in my school are malay and 1% Indian) They tended to get the places and names wrong as the spelling of these words are a bit unique.Last year was a good year for me because i had all the first classes.CHALLENGES FACED BY TEACHERS OF. teaching and learning enter-. of the challenges and pro-vide the leadership to make it happen.They were arguing and denying the reality just an excuse for escaping from my class.Some of my students had to struggle on nailing the language impressively.

Igniting their passions and teaching them to become connected.It could be a flow chart, a picture series or it could even be a role play.To make them understand what they have read was also a problem.

We have to expect the unexpected especially on the possibility of questions the students may ask.I always find it difficult to teach novels or short stories within the allocated one period time for Literature.My first challenge is many students are not interested to read or even try to read the story.( I try no to create my own judgement that they do not like to read at all) They really rely on the teacher to give them the synopsis of each chapter and explain the story to them.They say it is boring and cannot relate to the character or the place or the process of pearl diving.Being able to get the students to understand and enjoy the story.Just do not make the mistake of explaining to them in other languages because you will find they also do the same during examinations.June, 2008 Challenges Faced and the Strategies Adopted by a Malaysian English Language Teacher during Teaching Practice.They only have to prepare a simple mind mal on an A5 paper and usually they come with fancy ones because it allows them to be creative.

The 7 Biggest Challenges to Daily Classroom. some of the biggest challenges teachers are facing,.Try to use pictorial reference book, mind-map and flow chart, you will get their interest.Budget restraints, Classroom Materials, Culture Shock, Language Gap.I keep reassuring them that it is easy and that they will overcome the language barrier after reading it after sometime.Issues and Challenges in Teaching Reading in EFL Classrooms. There are so many issues and challenges in teaching.You are very lucky as you have been given opportunity to teach advanced students.Literature was like Greek to them,and, in attempting to make the poems accessible, it was quite a task to make them see the literal meaning and the figurative meaning, let alone the theme(s) and other aspects contained in poetry.For the weak students, I found graphic materials are the best aids to use to get them to grasp the story.

To test on their readings, is not a big matter but when it comes to the sentences construction, that is when I have to be aware of.This group of learners do not want to read the text and refuse to do anything until they receive the explanation or notes from their teachers.I do mentally agree with them on this matter though I do not voice my opinions.As all the other teachers are facing, I also have students that are not reading their text at home.The colourful illustrations, meanings and questions would help them.For such students, English is not second language but a foreign language.

Challenges Teachers Face in the Use of the Communicative

Give them simple exercises to begin with and then go to the more serious ones.I gave out clues and I did simple role-play during the lesson to help them answered the questions.Here are some challenges that face English teachers across all years of schooling.Furthermore, since I taught a form 3 class, I needed to go through all the poems and short.At the end of the class, a students said that she wished he was still alive because she will give him a kiss for all the beautiful stuff he wrote.For challenge 2, sometimes I try to use actions or physical gestures to explain the meaning of the literary text.As for poems, I paraphrased it into simple English and made them aware of the main issues and then we would discuss it.Yes, our students do not see the importance of studying English.

That was the right time to let them read because they were required to refer to certain phrases or events to support their answers.

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Challenges and Problems in the Teaching of. explore the challenges and problems faced by a. generally faced by most of the teachers of English at the.What are the challenges faced by teachers in the 21st century and how should we tackle them.This was clearly seen when they fail to answer the comprehension questions provided.

Challenges teachers encountered in teaching students from other. very low until around 6th grade and continues to be a problem until parents speak English at home.The topic of my research is Challenges of teaching and learning English at primary schools in Kazakhstan.More and more educators are accepting gamification as part of their teaching.Once they are confident that they know the story, they will have more confidence to answer the questions.My students are so weak in the language that I pratically have to explain every line to them and the second challenge is the limited time given.Before i ended my lesson, with the same pictures, the students were able to tell me the whole story.Get them to recognise the keywords for example character, moral values, etc and memorise the answers.It was very tiring in class because I had to be extra active to explain and respond but the students enjoyed doing it especially when they had to present the chapters in cartoon drawing for their timeline storyboard.Title: Challenges Faced by Teachers When Teaching English in Public Primary Schools in Kenya Author: Mary Susan Anyiendah Keywords: challenges, English as a second.

For example, i always end my poetry lesson by getting students to feel the poem they have studied and create a new poem of their own.EFL students face while they master English prepositions. Ten of the selected teachers teach English as a.

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