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Relationships Between the Results of Nail Impact Bend Tests and Selected Nail Material Properties.Fenestration Condensation Resistance: Computer Simulation and In Situ Performance.Evaluating Laboratory Compaction of Asphalt Mixtures Using the Shear Box Compactor.Improving the Condensation Resistance of Fenestration by Considering Total Building Enclosure and Mechanical System Interaction.System Identification of a Base-Isolated Bridge by Ambient and Forced Vibration Tests.Empirical Models Depicting Grain Angle Effects on Load-Embedment Response of Dowel-Type Fasteners in Wood.Rutting-Resistance Performance of SBS and Anti-Rutting Additive Composite-Modified Asphalt-Concrete Mixtures.Calibration of Weigh-in-Motion Systems Through Dynamic Vehicle Simulation.Mix Design Development for Pervious Concrete in Cold Weather Climates (2006.

Investigation of Effects of Testing Methods on Characterization of Asphalt Concrete.The Effects of Composition and Fineness of Cement in Accelerated Testing of Concrete.Methodology of Assessing Testing Variation for Volumetric Quantities in Hot Mix Asphalt Production.Evaluation of Rheological Properties and Field Applications of Buton Rock Asphalt.Investigating the Consistency of Asphalt Density Measurement Methods Over a Wide Range of Air Voids.Investigations on Pervious Concrete Properties Using Ultrasonic Wave Applications.

Case Study of Mechanical Control of Condensation in Exterior Walls.Prediction of the Vertical Swelling Percentage of Expansive Clays Using a Two-Stage Artificial Neural Networks Methodology.A Test Procedure for Determining the Resilient Properties of Granular Materials.

Estimation of Subgrade Soils Resilient Modulus from in-situ Devices Test Results.In Situ Shear and Compression Tests in Ancient Stone Masonry Walls of Tuscany, Italy.Experimental Study for Evaluating Crack Retardation of Asphalt Concrete Overlays.Definition and Quantification of Anchor Ductility and Implications on Seismic Design.

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Effect of Sampling Location on the Air Void Analyzer Test Results on Concrete Pavements: Evaluation of Data from a 16 State-Pooled Fund Project.A Re-Look at the Asphalt Mixture Performance Test Protocols and Computational Algorithms.

Effect of Property Variations of Raw Materials on the Variability of Dynamic Moduli of Asphalt Mixtures.State of the Art of Asphalt Surfacings on Long-spanned Orthotropic Steel Decks in China.Fatigue Crack Assessment of Asphalt Concrete Pavement on a Single Span Highway Bridge Subjected to a Moving Truck.Durability Testing Method of a Hub-Reducer System Based on the Shanghai Standard Road Driving Cycle.Holographic Interferometry for Measuring Swelling of Hardened Concrete.Application of Digital Image Correlation Technique in Experimental Study of the Creep Behavior and Time Dependent Damage of Natural Rock Salt.Effect of Unit Weight on Porosity and Consolidation Characteristics of Expansive Clays.Evaluation Models for the Peak Shear-Strength and Shear-Resistance Components of Rough Rock Joints.An Apparatus for Two-Dimensional Measurement of the Shrinkage Resistance of Soils.

Thermally Activated Healing of Fatigue Damage in Asphalt Binders.Mechanical Impedance Measurement on Thin Layer Surface With Impedance Hammer Device.Evaluation of a Boron-Nitrogen, Phosphate-Free Fire-Retardant Treatment. Part III. Evaluation of Full-Size 2 by 4 Lumber per ASTM Standard D 5664-95 Method C.

Effect of Temperature and Frequency on Visco-Elastic Dynamic Response of Asphalt Mixture.Evaluation of Epoxy Asphalt Concrete Damping Parameters Using Impact Resonance Test.Bryan Materials. considerations during mix design development. Improving AAAP with Aggregate Optimization.

Characterization of Louisiana Asphalt Mixtures Using Simple Performance Tests.Performance Evaluation of Asphalt-Rubber Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixtures with Warm Mix Asphalt Additives.Detecting Soil Inclusion Inside Piles in the Laboratory Using DTS Method.Study on the Performance of Cold-Recycling Asphalt Mixture Influenced by Activity Sites of Lignin via Chemical Analysis.

Determining Filtration Efficiency by Comparing the Particle-Size Distribution in the Feed Stream to that in the Filtrate.General criteria and guidance for office building design for federal facilities can be.Analysis on the Fatigue Properties of Semi-Rigid Base Asphalt-Pavement Structures With Horizontal Interfacial Cracks.

Testing and Evaluation of a Slot and Tab Construction Technique for Light-Weight Wood-Fiber-Based Structural Panels Under Bending.Decay of Wood and Wood-Based Products Above Ground in Buildings.Measurement and Evaluation of Asphalt Concrete Thermal Expansion and Contraction.Surface Test Type A for Concrete and Hot-Mix. this stage as a means of optimizing the pavement design to reflect.The Effects of Sieving and Paste Content on the Setting Behavior of Mortars as Measured by ASTM C403.Materials and Mixes for Concrete Pavements. Mix Design Development for Pervious Concrete in Cold Weather.Influence of Moisture Conditioning on Linear Viscoelastic Behaviour of Bituminous Mixtures Used For Railway Trackbeds.An Evaluation of Methodologies for Determining Delay Times in the Cone Calorimeter Fire Test.Correlations Between Depth of Water Penetration, Chloride Permeability, and Coefficient of Chloride Diffusion in Plain, Silica Fume, and Fly Ash Cement Concretes.

A Study on Rutting Prediction of the Asphalt Pavement for Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks.Trial Grouting under Rigid Pavement: A Case History in Magong Airport, Penghu.Development and Evaluation of a Biaxial Tensile Tester for Fabrics.Test Apparatus for Simulating Interactive Loads on Metal Plate Wood Connections.

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Monitoring of the Internal Force of the Flexible Components by Vibration Method.Contribution of the Bituminous Mortar and Stone Skeleton to the Resistance to Permanent Deformation in Asphalt Mixtures.Using an Impact Device with Sliding Drop Collar for In Situ Evaluation of Compressive Strength of Insulating Cellular Concrete.The following Structural Design Guidelines. the District anticipates that the design professional shall specify concrete mix. during the design development.

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