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He evinced great interest in the development of agriculture in his empire and.Though India was blessed with vast inland natural water resources but Indian Economy faces the problem of proper utilization of these huge water resources spread over its vast stretches of land.On the other hand, culture fisheries consist of ponds, tanks, swamps, marshes etc.

Scientists have shown that 3 bighas forest areas are equivalent to 1 bigha plank origin in water bodies which create more O.In this respect the present study has a clear economic importance for the upliftment of the rural economy at the grass root level.Thus pisciculture has a positive effect on ecology and hence to maintain ecological balance a meaningful use of.It generates employment, reduces poverty, generates income, increases food supply and maintains ecological balance between flora and fauna.The overall literacy rate is in 2001 is 745 with 82.1% male and 65.55 female literacy rate.

Multipurpose use of this scarce resource is essential to save the human society and protect the environment.Giriappa books. Performance Banking and Rural Development Jun 30, 2008. by Somu Giriappa. Hardcover.These unused water resources can be brought under pisciculture through proper utilization.Neogy (1996), P.K. Ghosh (1998) and others on the econom ic evaluation of pisci culture.Though many research works have been done in the biological and marine sciences, the economic investigations of pisciculture have not yet been done so far.Viii) To estimate the nature of assistance both by the Government and private. ix) To evaluate fishing and marketing scheme in the locality. x) To estimate the nature of assistance both by the Government and private. xi) To generate employment in rural India. xii) To maintain ecological balance in a sustainable manner.

An Analysis of Institutional Financing and Agricultural

At the end of October 2011, the world population crossed over 700 crores, China 135 crores and India 124 crores.Agriculture and Rural Development Banks have again started lending for the.

Social scientists have always identified the rural areas for investigation.Since they are also neighbouring districts a suitable comparison can easily be made. iv) In both the districts, the FFDA programmes are being implemented in full fledged form by the Government authority. v) Data from both the districts can be obtained because of my personal knowledge about the two districts. 2.2.


An Analysis of Institutional Financing and Agricultural Credit. banking system is.Indian fishing resources comprising of 2 million EEZ for deep sea fishing, 7,520 km. of coast line, 29,000 km.of Rivers, 1.7 million Ha. of reservoirs, 1 million Ha. of brackish water and.8 million Ha. of ponds, lakes and tanks for inland and marine fish production (Giriappa S. (ed) 1994).Jain Book Agency, Delhi based book store for all your books related needs.

In the case of India to a large number of studies have been carried out in rural situations including panchayats and co-operative societies.The small-scale fish farming requires less capital and more labour that is not so skilled.Integrated rural development. poor with special reference to the performance of a regional rural bank in.The woman worke rs may easily be engaged in fi sh farming and generat e income.

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The data have been collected by personal interview method through a questionnaire.Women in Agriculture and Rural Life: An International Bibliography. Economic performance of farm women of.A few studies have been undertaken by several experts, notably, D.Inland resources constitute ponds, rivers, marshy lands, canals, reservoirs etc.

A Study on Merger Impacts of Regional Rural Banks. for Agriculture and Rural Development. has analyzed the performance of regional rural banks in India with.Giriappa, The prospects of rural development, Performance banking and rural development, Issues in rural development, Institutions and agricultural.The child sex ratio has fallen from 945 in 2001 to 927 in 2001 to 914in 2011.A Study on Indian Rural Banking Industry-Issues and Challenges.Impact of Education o n Fish Far ming in West Bengal: A Study Report.Performance under Rural Banking of Commercial Banks. There are various other rural development schemes in many of which Banks have a significant role to play.Effective basic education of the fishermen is needed to adopt the modern scientific methods of pisciculture to raise fish production.

The demand for fresh water rises many- fold due to rise in population, irrigation, urbanization, for drinking and domestic use, municipal water supply, unlimited withdrawal of ground water, less water recharge, fall in rainfall due to global warming and pollution, misuse in nuclear reactor etc.At first 5 blocks from each district have been purposefully selected.India is the third largest producer of fish in the world and the second in inland fish production.

Though India possesses only 2.4% of world geographical area it covers 17.71 % of total world population.Agricultural growth and industrial performance in India C. Rangarajan.The protein deficiency in diet is equally associated with the inability of fish farming industry to supply the required quantity of fish.Though the two districts Burdwan and Birbhum of W.B. are primarily agricultural districts, there is huge scope for pisciculture.Manvikar, Sharada: A critical. credit on rural poor with special Reference to the performance of a regional rural bank in.

Keeping in view the time factor, limited fund and limited ability it was not possible to collect data from all the recorded fish farmers of the two districts.Search the history of over 302 billion web pages on the Internet.Explore books by Somu Giriappa with our selection at Click and Collect from your local Waterstones.The fish production increased from 0.7 million tons in1951 to 6.8 million tons in 2006. 3.1.It is expected that India will become the most populous country in the world by 2030.The situation causes poor health, low efficiency, low productivity and poor.The present study was confined to survey (Mishra S. 1987) the rural areas of Burdwan and Birbhum districts of W. B. in respect of implementation of the programme of Fish Farmers Development Agency (FFDA).The woman workers may easily be engaged in fish farming. 1.2.

Search the history of over 304 billion web pages on the Internet.So the efficient utilization of this scarce resource through pisciculture in a sustainable manner gained priority.The renewed emphasis on agricultural and rural development by the Government of. financial performance of RRBs as compared.About 14 million fishermen draw their livelihood from fishery.By utilizing these water resources there is a huge prospect of piscicultu re.As a result the crisis of water becomes acute not only in India but also in the World.Quatrro CA Dell Fidelity Google India Pvt. Ltd.Hero BPO HGS HGS Headstrong HSBC Electronic Data Raman Roy Amit Chatterjee Deepak Ohlyan N.

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