Bandicam failed to initialize codec nvidia driver

Some information of AVI files was displayed incorrectly in the Output tab.Gain direct access to NVIDIA GPUs and drivers that range beyond the scope of those found in.Improved the video sync between the recorded video and webcam video when a user saved webcam videos as separate files.Failed to recognize some DirectX 10 games (Company of Heroes).

GPU Support Matrix NVIDIA Linux display driver 378.13 or newer NVIDIA Windows display driver 378.66 or.Download and try it to update drivers and boost computer functioning now.Fixed the bug related to the Bandi MPEG-1 decoder setup file.

Failed to use the webcam recording function while ESET AntiVirus was running.Failed to use the AMD H.264 encoder if the PC has more than 2 AMD graphics cards.The recorded video can now be uploaded to directly. ( How to upload a video to Vimeo. ).Install the sound card driver When the sound card drivers are not.

Fixed the bug that had caused the recorded video to be distorted in a certain size during the recording of OpenGL.Made a change in order to allow the setting to be stored in the registry upon the starting of recording.Specific data of large AVI files was broken (Around 150 GB or bigger files).Added the Facebook upload function. ( How to upload a video to Facebook. ).

Improved the compatibility with AverMedia HD Capture C985 capture card.MPEG-1 and MJPEG video codec support - PCM and MPEG-1 Layer II.Fixed the bug that had caused abnormal activities after errors occurred to the starting of the audio capturing.Bandicam is now able to save videos and images into different folders.Fixed the bug that had caused the watermark to be shown, depending on situations, when the recording was carried out immediately following the registration for the full product.Resolved the problem that a black blank space was created during the GDI image capturing.The notification window for the setting of the stereo mix was added.Resolved the problem that capturing did not take place in some Direct3D9 based games.Fixed the bug related to the setting of the location where FPS is displayed.

Bandicam Failed To Initialize Codec Nvidia Ripping DvDx Error AviStreamWrite failed Reply to Thread Results bandicam h.Improved codec compatibility with the Nvidia NVENC H.264 encoder.The MJPEG format is available in Device Recording Mode. (Supports 1080P, 30FPS with the Logitech C920 webcam).Some DirectX 9 games had a delay problem when the recording start button was pressed.Some video files had a seeking problem when H.264 (AMD APP) was nvidia failed to load module dri2. failed to initialize audio driver pulse mplayer. failed to contact keyserver. failed to create file bandicam. failed to...

Improved the recording performance of H.264 (Intel QuickSync Video, AMD APP) encoder.Two Sound Mixing bug on some computers (including USB headset).FPS information of Some MP4 files was displayed incorrectly in the Output tab.The taskbar was not recorded when using the around mouse screen recording mode.The splash screen (launch image) will not be displayed when Bandicam automatically starts.Fixed the bug that had caused the image capturing not to take place in some games.Failed to recognize the AMD APP H.264 encoder on some AMD R9 graphics cards.

Failed to use the AMD APP H.264 encoder when the Catalyst 15.7 driver was installed.Falha ao iniciar o codec resolvendo erro Bandicam DuDu Games. Como resolver o erro Codec do bandicam.The function for shutting off the screen saver during the recording was added.The recording function for various streaming videos was added.The registered users of Bandicam are now able to use RGB24 as default with the MagicYUV Lossless codec.Bandicam - Best Recording Software for PC Screen, Game and Webcam.Improved FIFA12 game recording (FPS recognition in ENB patch games).

NVENC encoder could not be detected on some computers when the Nvidia Geforce 378.49 driver was installed.The recorded sound was only heard on the left speaker when recorded with certain microphones (Rode Podcaster, etc.).Added support for the webcam PiP feature ( Picture-in-Picture, Video-in-Video ).Recording function for the streaming videos with the overlay output (Afreeca TV).Improved compatibility with the VFW (Video for Windows) codec - External codec.FPS could not be displayed when Anti-Aliasing is used on some computers.

Added the Japanese language file (Bandicam is now available on Japanese Windows.).Bandicam had a problem with the Screen Recording mode when the AAC codec was used on Windows 10.

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