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Adolescent depression was examined by the. of depression among Chinese urban adolescents than those reported among. provided the original work is.Depressive symptoms are an unrecognized problem among adolescents that necessitates the need for recognition.Developed at and hosted by The College of Information Sciences and Technology.Results: Based on the cut-off scores, 378 adolescents (39.2%) were found to be non-depressed, 358 (37.1%) were mildly depressed, 187 (19.4%) were moderately depressed and 41 (4.3%) severely depressed.

Thus, understanding the prevalence of adolescent depressive symptoms is important for developing appropriate screening strategies, treatment planning, follow-up for those small proportion of adolescents who could become clinically depressed.

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Conclusion: Individual symptoms of depression and depressed mood are common in adolescents.The number of adolescent deaths from suicide in the United States has increased dramatically during the past few decades.

Current poor understanding of the factors that influence depressive symptoms makes these efforts challenging.Original article Exposure to Violence and Mental Health Among Chinese American Urban Adolescents. of depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.In 1997, there were 4186 suicides among...Exposure to Violence and Problem Behavior among Urban Adolescents: Assessing Risk Factors and Coping Strategies. For adolescent males,.There was an association between age and depression with increasing depression in older adolescents.Official Full-Text Paper (PDF): Depression among Urban Adolescent Students of Some Selected Schools.Settings and Design: The study was a school based cross sectional survey in which data were collected through a self administered questionnaire from adolescents studying in classes X, XI and XII.Aim: This study aimed to find the prevalence of depressive symptoms among adolescents studying in schools in Chennai.

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