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Contents Setting up the video recorder Safety instructions, Important points.2 Cleaning your video recorder, The mains plug. 3 Safety symbols, Power Cuts. 4 The controls.5 The remote control unit.6 The front of the video recorder, On-screen display.7 Getting started.


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P L A Y I N G video cassettes Wide-screen pictures You can record and play wide-screen pictures with this video recorder.P L A Y I N G v i d e o c a s s e t t e s Press the button twice.S e t t i n g u p t h e v i d e o r e c o r d e r Through the aerial cable You can also connect extra equipment between the external aerial cable and your video recorder.Download now any manual for PLACA ELECTRONICA P.SL350Z-3 DE MOTOR ADVISEN GUIA USUARIO.

Page 36: Changing A Timer Programme, How To Erase A Timer Programme.P L A Y I N G video cassettes Load the cassette Push the cassette smoothly and squarely into the cassette slot with its windows pointing up.

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S e t t i n g u p t h e v i d e o r e c o r d e r The controls How to put the batteries in the remote control 1 Press your thumb nail against the slot in the battery cover on the back of the remote control.S e t t i n g u p t h e v i d e o r e c o r d e r Auto-set The video recorder will search the broadcast band for all television programmes.The SEG Model CH Slide Gate Operator comes complete with 2 remotes.

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Setting up the v i d e o r e c o r d e r Automatic video channel selection If the video recorder is connected to the television with a scart cable you will normally see the video recorder picture when you play a video cassette.

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R E C O R D I N G Recording from other equipment Select the video channel on your television so you can monitor the recording.A p p e n d i x Interference The Department of Trade and Industry runs a Radio Investigation Service to help people improve the reception of television programmes if they are being spoilt by interference.Changing a timer programme, How to erase a timer programme. 36.

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OUT EURO AV1 1 Unplug the aerial cable from the back of your television and plug it into the ANT IN socket on the back of your video recorder.Still picture and slow-motion, Commercial skip, NTSC playback.

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Todo motor elétrico possui uma placa identificadora colocada pelo...Remaining time and cassette length TAPE CONTROL TAPE REMAIN E-180 TAPE REMAIN E-240 GO TO ZERO E-300.

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Setting up the v i d e o r e c o r d e r Setting or checking the time and date You do not normally need to set the time and date because the video recorder gets this information from the television transmitter.Manual Garen Central-g-II Gme g2 v3.3a - Download as PDF File (.pdf) or read online.

manual placa pc chip m925g by Kuwabara Mitsuki

Setting up the v i d e o r e c o r d e r Getting started For televisions without a Scart socket Aerial Aerial cable cable (provided) Mains cable AUDIO ANT.

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Page 38: Before You Call An Engineer (problems And What To Do About Them).

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All products with this trade mark are consistent with the state of the art and prevailing quality standards.Automatic video channel selection, Connecting extra equipment. 10.Conditions of Guarantee Congratulations on the purchase of this product.

S e t t i n g u p t h e v i d e o r e c o r d e r Using the video recorder as a tuner Select the video channel on your television so that you can see the pictures from the video recorder.


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Setting up the v i d e o r e c o r d e r What to do if you get picture interference Each television programme uses a certain broadcast channel in the broadcast band.Setting up the v i d e o r e c o r d e r Erasing programmes 1 Press the MENU button until the main menu appears.P L A Y I N G v i d e o c a s s e t t e s Index search The index search At the beginning of each recording, the video recorder marks the on-screen display cassette with an index mark.Find the user manual you need for your home appliance products and more at ManualsOnline.

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Quick-start guide Please follow the guide from the beginning to the end.

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ALWAYS place motor in the OFF position prior to connecting the.

If you do not press another button within one minute, the timer display will go off and you will have to start from step 2 again.A p p e n d i x Before you call an engineer (problems and what to do about them) Problem: The video recorder does not respond to any button being pressed.

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Before you connect the video equipment make sure all equipment is switched off at the plug. Stage 1. Connecting the video to your TV A Fit the batteries we have provided into the remote control.We offer the latest products available in the industry including electronic motor devices.S e t t i n g u p t h e v i d e o r e c o r d e r Changing programme names Select the video channel on your television so that you can see the menus.

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