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FOREWORD Thank you for purchasing this KYMCO scooter and welcome to the family of KYMCO scooter riders.Google Book Official Kymco Like 125 Manual Pdf Summary Ebook Pdf: Kymco Like 125 Manual Pdf download and read kymco like 125 manual pdf john caldigate by anthony trollope.Google Book Official Kymco Like 125 Owner Manual Summary PDF Book: Kymco Like 125 Owner Manual Searching for Kymco Like 125 Owner Manual Do you really need this file...

When using it, kick the button (1). 2. When not using it, push the passenger footpeg into its original position.Kymco-Like-200i-Service-Manual.pdf. Kymco-Like-200i-Service-Manual.pdf. Sign In. Main menu.ENGINE NUMBER The engine number is stamped on left engine case.Blown fuse When frequent fuse failure occurs, it usually indicates a short circuit or an overload in the electrical system.Tubeless tires require an air-tight seal between the tire bead and wheel rim.When descending a steep grade, close the throttle fully and apply both brakes to slow the scooter.When slowing down the scooter, coordination of the throttle and front and rear brakes is most important.Kymco Like 125 Owners Manual.pdf KYMCO LIKE 125 OWNERS MANUAL If you want to have a destination search and find the appropriate manuals for your products.

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When using it, pull out the hook (1) from the inside. 2. Pushing the lock lever (2) left to unlock and hang your bag on the hook on the footboard. 3. To remove a bag unlock the lock lever.Ten minutes of stop-and- go riding is sufficient. 1. Warm up the engine place the scooter on its center stand. 2. Open the seat (see page 32) Push 3.If searching for a ebook Kymco like 200 i workshop manual in pdf form,. kymco like 50 125 pdf service repair workshop - KYMCO LIKE 50 125 PDF SERVICE REPAIR.

Google Book Official Kymco Like 125 Manual Pdf Summary: Filesize 11,18MB Kymco Like 125 Manual Pdf Ebook Download Looking for Kymco Like 125 Manual Pdf Do you really.

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Related Book Ebook Pdf 2010 Kymco Like 50 125 Workshop Manuals: - Home - Road Trip Usa Great River Road - Roadshow The Fall Of Film Musicals In The 1960s.Related Book PDF Book Kymco Like 125 Manuals Pdf: - Home - Better Homes And Gardens 365 Pies And Tarts - Better Hamburg Making Tasting Hamburgers.Mount the scooter from the left side keeping at least one foot on the ground to steady the scooter. 4. Before starting off, indicate your direction with the turn signals, and check for safe traffic conditions.Cyclepedia is the Authorized distributor of KYMCO Service Manuals.

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Install the battery. 4. Drain any excess aerosol rust-inhibiting oil from the fuel tank.

PROTECTIVE APPAREL For your safety, we strongly recommend that you always wear an approved scooter helmet, eye protection, boots, gloves, long pants, and a long-sleeved shirt or jacket whenever you ride.Avoid continuous use of the brakes, which may result in overheating and reduction of braking efficiency. 11. When riding on wet or loose surfaces, be especially cautious.Excessive brake application may cause either wheel to lock, reducing control of the scooter.BREAK-IN (RUNNING-IN) Vary the engine speed The first 1600 km (1000 miles) are the most The engine speed should be varied and not important in the life of your scooter.Clean the windshield Using plenty of water, clean the windshield with a soft cloth or sponge. (Avoid using detergents or any kind of chemical cleaner on the windshield.) Dry with a soft, clean cloth.Park the scooter on firm, level ground to prevent it from falling over.Wash your scooter by the following point after it runs through such a place. 1.

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BRAKES Rear brake lever (Left handlebar) The rear brake are applied by squeezing the rear brake lever gently towards the grip.Independent use of only the front or rear brake reduces stopping performance.FRAME NUMBER The read frame number (1), please remove the cover on inner cover with a flat head screwdriver.

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Kymco Like 50 125 Service Repair Manuals Pdf Summary: PDF 38,28MB Kymco Like 50 125 Service Repair Manuals Pdf PDF Format Scouting for Kymco Like 50 125 Service.Engine oil replacement Engine oil quality is the chief factor affecting engine service life.Related Book PDF Book Kymco Like 125 Manuals Pdf: - Home - Cancer The Complete Recovery Guide Book 4 Detox And Diet - Candida How To Cure Candida.Reading Free Download For Kymco Like 125 Service Kymco Like 125 Service DOWNLOAD Recent search: kymco like 125 service manual, kymco like 125 service, kymco like 125.

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Several applications may be necessary to restore normal braking performance.

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Related Book PDF Book Kymco Like 125 Manual Pdf: - Home - Cyber Penetration Testing - NY Glamour Photography - idea Shappen - NC Care - taryn Simonin Berlin.

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IDLE SPEED The engine must be at normal operating temperature for accurate idle speed adjustment.Loading guidelines Improperly loading your scooter can affect its stability and handling.SPECIAL MESSAGES Please read this manual and follow its instructions carefully.Verified Book Library Kymco Like 125 Manuals Pdf Summary Ebook Pdf: Kymco Like 125 Manuals Pdf kymco like 125 manual document about kymco like 125 manual is available on.Fuel gauge Digital clock The fuel gauge shows the approximate fuel Show the time (hours and minutes) while the supply available in a graduated display.CLEANING Clean your scooter regularly to protect the surface finishes and inspect for damage, wear, and oil, coolant or brake fluid leakage.

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